Project details

REVA helps people with challenges

Tools for people

Mov-i, in co-operation with MAGELAAN, developed three versions of teaser videos for REVA Expo aimed at attracting Belgians with various challenges: senior citizens or those with disabilities seeking additional tools to assist them in the kitchen, in the bathroom, on the street and more! Mov-i’s collaboration with the REVA Expo is a great example of videos being developed for embedding in successful direct mailing campaigns.

Mov-i has worked with the REVA Expo to develop videos aimed at senior citizens and those with disabilities. The REVA Expo specializes in helping such clients find the best tools, products or services in order to receive the extra help they need.

  • REVA helps people with challenges
  • This video was embedded in REVA Expo's newsletter, whose target audience is exhibitors. The video was also embedded in the newsletters that exhibitors send to their customers. The expo attracted a large number of people.
  • Project management

    Listening to you, consulting, analysis of content until final copy, assisting and coaching people how to express and behave.
  • Copywriting

    Most of the time starting from scratch. We are specialized in storytelling. Which is key to develop great movies.
  • Storyboard

    Once the concept is approved, we come up with a scenario, in some cases a storyboard.
  • Animation

    Animation can be 2-dimensional of 3-dimensional depending on the look and feel of your company, the soul of your product.
  • Sound Studio

    A video without any sound, without any music, (sometimes) without voice-overs is never complete. Copy, graphics and sound work together, make each other stronger. We offer a selection of voice-overs, native voices. Music can even be composed exclusively for you, legal.
  • Studiowork

    We work together with partners in several regions in Belgium and abroad to offer the best audio and green key.
  • Editing

    The editing gives the soul to each video.
  • Combining video and animation

    We are specialized in combining live images and animations, in animated text or three dimensional objects.
  • Translating

    We can offer translations in every possible language.
  • Subtitling

    If you want to reach another target group, you can simply come up with subtitles in another language or a second voice-over.