It’s time to act

At Mov-I, we create high-impact custom videos, animated or live-action, or a mix of both. Whether you’re looking for social, corporate, e-learning or animated videos, we’re just the people to call on to set ideas and concepts in motion—and we’re great at it.

And we’re winning awards. In 2018, Vlerick Business School won gold for developing the DSM learning platform. And since Mov-i produces all the learning videos for this Netherlands-based global company, as well for this specific learning platform, this was exciting news.

It’s not just Vlerick and DMS; we’ve teamed up with Wiley in the UK, Roularta, Barbecook, the Danish Technical University, Veritas, and many more, all keen to benefit from what we do. Why wait to give us a call?

Behind the scenes

Mov-i is headed by Els Ameloot, a marketer with 25+ years of experience and thoroughly adept in everything our image-driven society throws at us. However, she’s not content to stand still. She constantly updates her skills, recently taking courses in digital content and journalism to sharpen her take on how social tools, such as video, long reads and podcasting, are used to greatest effect.

Els pays as much careful attention to customers’ strategic and financial objectives as their ideas and aspirations. She’s comfortable coaching customers on being in front of the camera and how to let the spotlight fall on the important parts of every story.

She has an address book of loyal professionals: copywriters, screenwriters, animators, illustrators, directors, camera and sound specialists, as well as native-speaking voice-over and sound-mixing artists – all very talented, with bags of experience, all carefully selected. Every video is custom-made, as is every budget! Put simply: Mov-I is not a factory.

The importance of video

Recent surveys confirm that video content is not only effective, but demand for it is also growing intensely.

Why wait any longer? Let’s get together

Our passion for sound and vision ensures you’ll get technical perfection. Our knowledge of marketing guarantees the right insights so you get your message across and mobilize your audience.

Here to listen to your dreams and bring them to life

Your ideas, your company or organization, your product or service: we start with your marketing objectives and never lose sight of them. Working together, as partners, setting your ideas in motion, bringing your ideas to life.

Let’s grab a virtual latte together and dtalk about what you have in mind.

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